The Exodus: One of God’s Greatest Acts

At the beginning of the book of Exodus, we see all Abraham’s descendants under the Egyptian captivity.

It is here that the Israelites cry out to Yahweh. God promises Israel deliverance from the Egyptians, a covenantal relationship, and the land promised to the patriarchs. “Moreover, I have heard the groaning of the people of Israel whom the Egyptians hold as slaves, and I have remembered my covenant” (Ex. 6:5).

Now through Moses, God’s prophet, Israel would be led out of Egypt and be delivered. “Yahweh renews the Genesis covenant of grace, this time with Moses, the mediator of Israel’s redemption” (Cornelius Plantinga, Engaging God’s World, 73).

There is one problem that was standing in the way: Pharaoh. He refused to let the Israelites go. So God hardened Pharaoh’s heart for the sole purpose of exalting His own name in glory (Ex. 6:1). God demonstrated his power and glory by sending many plagues, disasters, and sicknesses to the land of Egypt—ultimately leading to the deliverance of his people.

​Israel’s exodus was by far one of the greatest acts of God that displayed His omnipotence and sovereign rule over creation and the nations.

The exodus stands in the Hebrew scripture as the great defining demonstration of Yahweh’s power, love, faithfulness, and liberating intervention on behalf of His people. (Christopher J. H. Wright, The Mission of God, 75).

God used his mighty hand and brought forth Israel out of Egypt by many signs and wonders. By the end of the exodus the whole world knew who Yahweh was.

Moses declares, “Who is like you, O LORD, among the gods? Who is like you, majestic in holiness, awesome in glorious deeds, doing wonders?” (Ex. 15:11).

Now Israel crossed the Red Sea victorious and fully confident in the one and only true living God. At Mount Sinai it became official (Ex. 19)—God establishes a covenant with Israel and calls her to be a light to the nations.

Israel had seen and been a witness of the greatness of God and was now being called to be servants and to live a life of holiness, righteousness, and purity.

God is all powerful and in full control of all things in creation. Nothing compares to his greatness.

Maybe you are living through a tough time, and don’t know how you are going to make it. Trust in God, he will deliver you, and just like Israel—you will experience God’s mighty hand.

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