The Fall of Man

A lot of the reasons why there is some suffering, evil, and chaos on our world today are because of the fall and its effects in the creation as a whole. A lot of people, even Christians, don’t understand the consequences of the fall. They miss to understand the negative significance of man’s sin. Our lives are affected in so many different ways.

The fall is one the great themes throughout the Bible. If we don’t see the meaning behind it, we will not fully grasp the importance of the cross and its value in our lives today. This shows our need of redemption and salvation!

The reason why Jesus came and died on the cross is to forgive us our sins and give us eternal life. There was a curse upon us but now we are no longer under condemnation in Christ. This is huge! Christ is the mediator between man and God, and therefore reconciliation was accomplished. It was supposed to be man paying its wages of sin through death.

But in God’s mercy and grace we were bought with a price. Through one man (Adam) sin came in the world, and through one man (Jesus) salvation came as explained in Romans 5:12-21. Jesus is the new Adam and thus fulfilled the perfect life and obedience to God’s glorious standard.

How does the fall affect us today? Well it affects everything! As a result we lack faith and love for God and others, especially our neighbors and enemies. Why did Jesus say to love God with everything and love others as his or herself? We are separated from God and therefore lack the love and compassion for others. Other ways is has affected the world by disease, sickness, and poverty. The reason being is not because God is evil but because of the consequences of sin.

The Christian worldview is the only way to explain how and why everything is what it is today. Its biblical truth covers all that is reality and gives us an accurate picture of our existence, meaning, and purpose. So to miss the whole concept of the fall and the need of a remedy is to question Jesus as to why he did what he did on the cross for the sake of humanity.

Let’s not miss the message here. God provides the solution and answer to life most challenging questions through his Word and through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ!

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