God Knows How You Operate

God knows how you operate. God knows what makes you mad and what makes you laugh. He knows what you like and don’t like. He shines his sun every morning and gives you the breath of life. The birds and the trees display his beauty.

The heavens declare his majesty. But out of all Creation, we are the ones who reflect God in so many ways. You were created in the image of God for one reason only, to have a deep rich in love relationship with your Creator.

God is the very foundation of personality, compassion, and love. God is his omniscience, all knowing, knows eternity past and eternity future. God is from everlasting to everlasting. So if he knows the future, it obvious that he must know what is best in our lives.

We can try to live on our own strength and on our terms, but no matter how hard we try we will end up failing. So why not trust God with our lives and let him take control? God is his infinite wisdom and mercy will leads us in the narrow path that leads to righteousness and eternal life.

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