The Holy Spirit

How can we imitate God and pursue His will in our everyday lives?

First, and foremost, we must accept God’s free gift of salvation and unconditional love. This calls us to live according to His word, and put Him as the foundation and center of our very existence. This work cannot take place apart from the Holy Spirit!

We cannot change in and of ourselves. It is the work of the Holy Spirit. We regenerated or “born again” by the power of the Holy Spirit. We are made right or “justified” before God by the sacrificial atonement on our behalf of Christ on the cross. We are “sanctified” or the process of becoming more holy and by the sole work of the Holy Spirit through His word. So in others words regeneration, justification, and sanctification is the result of God’s irresistible grace in the life of the believer through the power of the Holy Spirit!

Our lives changed and are transformed because of God’s grace through the work of the Holy Spirit. He is constantly working in our hearts so that we might become image bearers of His name and to prepare us for the coming age of His kingdom of heaven on earth. That itself is something to enjoy and passionately thank God with praise and worship!

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