Glory to God!

God is sovereign over all creation. Which means He is in full control of all things—He does what He pleases, when He pleases, and with whomever He pleases. No matter what happens in life God is always good, gracious, and abounding in love.

God is faithful and He keeps His promises to all those who seek His will. God uses different means of accomplishing his purposes, and He calls us to be part of his new creation and to be part of his mission to bring salvation to the world. This new calling—and invitation to be part of His mission—was made possible through the life, crucifixion, and resurrection of Christ, who is the first fruits of His new creation.

We are born in Christ to a new hope, a glorious inheritance that calls us to be holy and blameless before the almighty and omnipotent Creator of the Universe!

Blessed be God our father who sits on his heavenly throne with majesty and power. Praise be to Him who took our sins and iniquities upon himself for the salvation of the world. (Soli Deo Gloria!) To God alone be the Glory!

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