Working for the Ultimate Provider

God is the one and only provider who meets our needs on a day to day basis, whether it is physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial. Now when it comes to employment, God provides a job not only for our financial benefit but most importantly to be good stewards of His provision, to serve Him through the workplace, and to glorify His name.

Work is an opportunity to be good servants of God by serving others. Employment is God’s way of providing and blessing all people, with the end goal of being praised and worship for His goodness.

Jesus came not to do his will but the will of God the Father. Jesus was sent on a mission. Such mission required work and obedience to the One who sent Him.

Jesus’ ultimately goal was to please His Father in heaven. For the same reason our ultimately goal and aim is to please Him (2 Cor. 5:9). But how did He do it? By living a life that served, honored, and worshipped God almighty even through the hard times of struggles and sufferings. Now Jesus did not have a regular job where He punched in and out of work like most of us today. But Jesus did have work to do here on earth. The work of His Father, which started long time ago with His mission to bring forth redemption, salvation, and restoration to reverse the curse of sin brought into His creation. This mission calls us to be part of it and to be actively involve and continue His work on earth through our lives.

In light of what God did through His son Jesus Christ on the cross for our sins and transgressions, we should live a life worthy of our call. A great place to start is in our daily workplaces. Who ever thought working part time at a grocery store was an opportunity for me to serve God. The thought of seeing the workplace through those lenses had never occurred or even go through my mind before.

Matter of fact is, God provides all types of work. Now, if He is our ultimately and divine provider, why don’t we try to do our best and work not just for the manager or boss but for the Lord? This is question I had to wrestle with. Lots of reasons and excuses come to mind.
But the truth is all those reasons and excuses are selfish, self-centered, and worthless in the eyes of God. We tend to see everything through our naturalistic eyes and only see a job for the sole purpose of helping and providing for our needs and wants.

There is nothing wrong with getting paid and earning a salary for our labor. The problem is that we only work to get paid or get a descant check with a couple zeros on it! In and out of work we go without a mission or purpose to accomplish something worth our effort and time. Where does God come in the picture? Is God is only for Sundays and in the building of a church?

God should be our top priority in our lives, especially at places other than the church or meeting place. To live a God-centered life is to do everything for Him. The apostle Paul states, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God” (1 Cor. 10:31).

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