We Draw Meaning from Stories

I recently heard a talk [1] by award-winning, recording artist, Lecrae, who, at a recent Q conference, said that statements only make sense in light of a bigger story. “Some master narrative is where we draw our meaning from” Lecrae stated. “People are drawn to stories more than graphs, charts, fact, and stats.”

For example, “Jesus died” is a historical fact, but alone makes no sense. Who was Jesus? Why did He die? What did He accomplish? What makes Him unique? These are some of the questions that need to be asked in order to make sense of the “Jesus died” statement. When one begins to ask these questions, one begins (or at least, should begin) to dig into the bigger story behind Jesus, which is the greater story of God as narrated in Scripture.

My story has, is, and will continue to derive its meaning from the greater story of God. It is only in light of this comprehensive narrative that my personal story has any value whatsoever. I am grateful that my story has experienced redemption through the story of God.

As life moves on, I want to get better acquainted with the biblical story and live in light of it. I want to get better acquainted with my own bicultural story (i.e., Hispanic American) and learn to navigate both worlds effectively for the gospel.

I want to get better at learning other peoples’ stories, listening to what they have to say, not just to respond, but to understand where they come from, their needs, etc. The goal is to be more effective in sharing the story of God, allowing the power of the gospel to bring about change in their lives and cultures. And to this end I pray. May God be glorified.

[1] Lecrae. “Artists and Poets”: Q Conference. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-hIPW2AJnc


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