God—the Reason why I Live.

Dear Lord,

The reason why I breathe and live its you. My heart beats for you Oh Lord. I will praise you all the days of my life. I long and crave your presence. I rejoice in your gospel. I give my life and all my belongings to you. I think of you day in and day out. Your name I will honor and glorify. I delight in your holy word.

The expanse of the sky and earth is how great your love is. The heavens declare your glory. All creation testifies that your are Holy. The one and only true living God. Creator of all the universe. The world is in your hands. My refuge, my strength and my great fortress. Faithful and true. Full of mercy and grace. I shout your name on high. Jesus you are my king and my everything. I surrender to you. I give it all for the sake of your name. Blessed be your name forever and ever. Amen!

3 thoughts on “God—the Reason why I Live.

  1. :D.Good job Jonn.
    Now I see I have a few things to change cuz instead of my post saying ” My love letter to God” It would say “My love letter to myself or my love letter to this world and what it consists of” because frankly, I am not in love with God.


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