Who Do You Imitate?

Who do you imitate? Do you imitate God when you talk with others? Do you imitate God when you act? Does your character reflect God’s character? Are you leading an example for others to follow? Does your personality reflect God’s love and tenderness?

The way we think, talk, and even the way we express our love towards others, really depends on an intimate relationship with the Lord. It is the foundation of all love and fellowship. After all Jesus did die on the cross for your love.

It doesn’t matter where you from, what language you speak or what religion you come from. Jesus die on the cross for all. So how can we love others if we havent experienced his love? His ultimately goal is to have a deep relationship with you. His grace will transform you.

Jesus’ love is irresistable. So say no to the circumstances and abide in his arms. Start living and experience true endless love at its finest.

God bless!

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