Israel as A Light to the Nations

One of the greatest and most important stories of the bible is the story of Israel. The Biblical story of Israel is the account through which God’s missionary and redemptive plan unfolds. The unfolding account of the nation of Israel is the universal story of humanity and creation from its rise, fall, and redemption. This is the big picture that unfolds the message of the Bible.

We see the acts of a loving God who not only wants to restore His people, but to bless them and redeem them into the kingdom of heaven. Therefore Israel was chosen to display a covenantal relationship with its Divine Creator and to be the instrument that He would use to bring salvation to the rest of the world. Israel’s mandate and calling is to be a light to the nations.

It’s Jesus Christ, the divine Son of God, through whom this promise is finally fulfilled. The last step in the restoration process of not only Israel but the whole world is now complete through Jesus, the one and true Savior.


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